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Publications (with over 1500 citations  as of 5/1/2012based on Web of Science, google scholar and Scopus, whichever counts more)

1) Book Chapters

1.      Qian, D., K. Nagarajan, S.R. Mannava, and V.K. Vasudevan, Continuum-based and cluster models for nanomaterials, in Multiscaling in molecular and continuum mechanics: scaling in time and size from macro to nano, G.C. Sih, Editor. 2006, Springer science.

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2) Journal Papers

1.      Z. Zhou, S. Bhamare, G. Ramakrishnan, S. R. Mannava, K. Langer, Y. H. Wen, D. Qian, and V. K. Vasudevan, "A Study of Thermal Relaxation of Residual Stress in Laser Shock Peened Ti-6Al-4V Alloy  (accepted)," Surface & Coatings Technology, 2012.


2.       S. Kanou, O. Takakuma, S. R. Mannava, D. Qian, V. K. Vasudevan, and H. Soyama, "Effect of the Impact Energy of Various Peening Techniques on the Induced Plastic Deformation Region (accepted)," Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2012.


3.      Gill, A. S., U. lienert, J. Almer, D. Lahrman, S. R. Mannava, D. Qian, and V. K. Vasudevan, "High Spatial Resolution, High Energy Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of Residual Strains and Stresses in Laser Shock Peened IN718 SPF Alloy (in press)," Journal Of Applied Physics, 2012.


4.      Yang, Y., S. Chirptukar, D. N. Alpert, T. Eason, M. Spottswood, and D. Qian, "Enriched space-time finite element method: A new paradigm for multiscaling from elastodynamics to molecular dynamics (in press)," International Journal For Numerical Methods In Engineering, 2012.


5.      Zhou, Z., V. K. Vasudevan, and D. Qian, "Energy Loss in Carbon Nanotube Beam Oscillators due to Anelastic Relaxation (in press)," Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 2012.


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